Digital Methods Summer School 2013 On the challenges of studying social media data. University of Amsterdam, 24 June – 5 July 2013. Research projects: National Tracking Ecologies & Prism: The Blame and the Fix.

Stumpel, Marc. FB Resistance workshop at Athens Video Art Festival, Greece, June 7, 2013.

Stumpel, Marc. “Facebook Resistance: Augmented Freedom.” Unlike Us Reader: Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives. Eds. Geert Lovink and Miriam Rasch. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2013. 274-287. Download PDF.

Unlike Us Magazine ipad app: 10 artikelen over social media, edited by Marc Stumpel en Miriam Rasch, INC, Amsterdam, march 2013 (Dutch).

Stumpel, Marc & Leingruber, Tobias. Facebook Resistance workshop at Unlike Us #3, MediaLab, Amsterdam March 21, 2013. Report by Serena Westra.


Embedded researcher at Submarine / Submarinechannel, taking part in the CIRCA program, the Creative Industries Research Centre at the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Humanities).

Researcher/producer at the Institute of Network Cultures for the Unlike Us #2 conference: 8-10 March TrouwAmsterdam.


Stumpel, Marc. ‘FB Resistance’keynote at Unlike Us #1, November 23, 2011. Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol. Report by Reinier Vriend.

Stumpel, Marc. Facebook Resistance workshop at the Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore, India, April 2, 2011. CIS EventMasters of Media Report

Stumpel, Marc & Leingruber Tobias.’Net Cracker’ Interview by TimeOUT Bangalore. April 2011. Interview


Stumpel, Marc. ‘Mapping the Politics of Web 2.0: Facebook Resistance’ published in ‘To Think: Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?‘ edited by Nishant Shah (The Centre for Internet and Society) and Fieke Jansen (Hivos), 2011. Issuu

Stumpel, Marc. ‘The Politics of Social Media. Facebook: Control and Resistance’. Master’s Thesis, 2010. New Media MA, University of Amsterdam. PDF

Stumpel, Marc. ‘Google, Buzz off. Democratic configuration in a period of immediate contention’. New Media and the Transformation of Politics paper, 2010. New Media MA, University of Amsterdam. Scribd

Stumpel, Marc. ‘File-sharing or attention-sharing? Implications of the hybrid economy’. New Media Theories paper, 2010. New Media MA, University of Amsterdam. PDF

Stumpel, Marc. ‘H1N1 fluctuations in Google results. Revealing the local societal concern of the swine flu pandemic over time’. Digital Methods Research Seminar, 2010. New Media MA, University of Amsterdam. PDF


Stumpel, Marc. ‘Redding voor de muziekindustrie? Studie naar het businessmodel van Last.fm’. Bachelorscriptie Interactieve media, 2009. Hoogeschool van Amsterdam . Scribd

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About Me

Marc Stumpel is a new media researcher, blogger and producer.

He holds a MA degree in New Media and Culture from the University of Amsterdam (2009-2010).

His main research interest is the antagonism within the political and economic dimensions of digital culture, especially in relation to social media.

Being a privacy/user-control advocate, he is concerned with the development of alternative social networking spaces and techniques. He is involved in the FB Resistance project and has written his master’s dissertation the Politics of Social Media, focussing on control and resistance in relation to Facebook.

He also holds the degree: Bachelor of Communication & Multimedia Design, Business & Organization Interactive Media at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, specialization project management (2005-2009).

Marc is also a musician and producer under the alias of Zuurstof.